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Fire Damage Macon Ga.

This fire is was in a home in Macon GA. We got called out by an insurance company to help with the restoration efforts. The homeowner was very satisfied with ou... READ MORE

Mold Damage Macon Ga.

This home had a leak in their wall that went undetected for a very long time. Lucky for them we were able to take care of the mold removal in a few hours. Our c... READ MORE

Home with moldy ceiling

The same moldy home in Macon Georgia with more mold damage in the ceiling. The issue came about when they had an overhead pipe break while they were on vac... READ MORE

Home with mold

This house had a bad water pipe break. The homeowners were devastated as they looked throughout their home knowing they had a big problem.They called SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Residential mold damage

This mold damaged home in Macon, GA was the result of water that was leaking from overhead A/C unit. The customer could not determine where the water was coming... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Macon, GA

This commercial building was flooded due to a sprinkler head that burst. The damage happen while the customer was there so they were able to turn off the water ... READ MORE

Hardwood floors water damaged in Macon, GA.

These hardwood floors in Macon, GA were damaged due to a broken water pipe  above the ceiling in a bedroom. SERVPRO extracted all of the standing water on ... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage in Macon, GA.,

This home in Macon, GA.  was water damaged due to water seeping in from outside the home. The water soaked up the walls and the seal plates so the drywall ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Macon, GA.

This kitchen fire in Macon, Georgia was the result of the homeowner cooking french fries. The homeowner forgot and walked away and the grease caught on fire and... READ MORE

Small amount of Water can do major damage

The cabinets and hardwood floors in this kitchen had to be removed and replaced because of a small leak from an icemaker line that was behind the refrigerator. ... READ MORE